The first in the House of Red music video “trilogy” belongs to Taylor Swift and her single Red.

The passage to Taylor’s room in the House of Red is made through a crisp, saturated hallway—full of modern, inventive architecture with accents of Target charm—as the camera pushes forward like an excited visitor running late for an engagement…

Once inside, we find Taylor Swift entering a white-walled foyer – tugging at a loose strip of wallpaper that unfurls into a bright red ribbon and carries her into a large white room. She pulls a curtain aside revealing towering windows. And with each graceful step Taylor takes, she brings life, energy, and beauty into her environment—revealing new colors and textures—curling, folding, and rolling her imprint in natural red dots and lines. Her performance transforms the pristine space, bathing its initial white visual motif in vibrant red, across red silk walls and swirling ribbon bands—playing off the song’s title and Target’s iconic color palette—deconstructing beauty in the world around her, and making it her own.

In capturing the elegant red ribbon fabric motif, Mirada artists strived for grace, beauty, and lyrical enchantment on a grand scale to match the meticulous art direction of the piece. The team developed an inventive cloth workflow that could allow for fast iterations; this allowed them to build simulations that were highly controllable as they blended CG cloth into plates with live-action photography of fabric. Then, once an ideal balance of the two was reached—idealized free-flowing CG fabric, and richly textured practical cloth—artists seamlessly extracted Taylor from footage, and composited her into rebuilt backgrounds consisting of projected matte paintings and CG set extensions.